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How much is prostate enlargement surgery?

01 1 The cost of prostate hypertrophy surgery is about 20,000. Therefore, patients must perform surgery according to their own economic ability in their daily life. This operation is also advanced now, but the risk of surgery is still there.
02 2 These patients can not give themselves too much psychological pressure before surgery. Before the operation, the patient must take deep breath as much as possible to relax their emotions. It is the former patient who can not always make himself very nervous, and his condition deteriorates in life.
03 3 Patients with enlarged prostate must pay attention to rest in these details after surgery. In particular, they should not be able to do some physical exertion. During these periods, the surgical wounds should be prevented from breaking open, and the places where these nodules are wounded must not be stained.
04 After the operation, the patient should also pay attention to some good hygiene habits, especially within one week after the operation, it is impossible to have sex. During these periods, patients should pay attention to work and rest.