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Symptoms of white epilepsy

01 1 patients mainly suffer from skin lesions, mainly milky white pigmentation spots, the surface of the skin is no rash, and the realm of white spots is very clear, generally there will be a band-like pattern, lips, labia
02 2 Most patients with vitiligo are scattered. These patients have a wide distribution of white spots, which are staged and mixed. They are usually accompanied by many other diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disease, adrenal insufficiency and other immune diseases.
03 3 Localized vitiligo patients usually have leukoplakia in a certain area, such as focal type, confined between one area, leukoplakia in unilateral type is segmental distribution, and mucosal type generally only affects mucosa.
04 For the treatment of vitiligo, such as psoralen and its derivatives, taking vitamins, oral copper-containing drugs, in addition to surgical treatment and physical therapy and many other treatments.