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What are the symptoms of male genital aging?

01 1 First of all, male friends will gradually decline in their sexual life after the age of forty, and the pubic hair on the male penis will slowly fall off and know the state of hairlessness. The color of the glans will slowly fade from the purple color.
02 2 Secondly, when the sex life is small, the length of the penis and the carelessness of the penis are also a symptom of sexual organ aging. The penis will become shorter and thinner at this time, because the erection of the penis is significantly reduced in the blood injected into the penis, which indicates that
03 3 There is also a change in the sensitivity of the male penis after the age of forty or fifty is also a symptom of sexual organ aging. With the aging of the sexual organs, the male penis becomes less sensitive than before, and the penis becomes somewhat curved, sexual
04 If you have the above symptoms before the age of forty, you should go to the hospital to check.