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What are the symptoms of pre-AIDS?

01 1 There are many symptoms of pre-AIDS, mainly unexplained recurrent fever and low fever, heavy weight loss, and accompanied by long-term chills, diarrhea, etc., some patients will also have obvious memory loss, and obvious personality.
02 2 Moreover, some patients will have persistent systemic lymphadenopathy, and the surface of the skin will not have any abnormalities, but it can be felt when pressed, often in the back of the neck, under the jaw or under the arm. In general, the patient will appear above.
03 3 Some patients may not even have any symptoms. However, it is worth reminding that each of the above symptoms can appear on normal people alone, so the pre-AIDS symptoms are only for reference. The specific test is to go to the hospital for formal testing to be accurate.
04 The incubation period of AIDS is very long, and it is often late in the onset of the disease. However, there are already many special medicines for AIDS. The state also provides certain free medical care for AIDS patients, so it is necessary to carry out active treatment.