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How does AIDS spread? You need to know

01 1 The first thing to say is definitely the way of sexual intercourse. Because some people have a lot of sexual partners, the meaning is promiscuity. The more sexual partners, the more likely you are to get AIDS. Those who like nightlife
02 2 Secondly, it can be transmitted through the blood. Some people go to the ear hole and go to some regular places. Otherwise, if you go to some beauty shops, the instrument will not be disinfected and clean, and the virus will be transmitted to you.
03 3 There is also a way for mothers to pass on to their children. If the mother is infected with the disease before pregnancy or when she is pregnant, then the child she gave birth must have AIDS. So mothers should take preventive measures.
04 Sexual life should pay attention to the situation of health, it is best to use a condom.