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Will women get AIDS?

01 1 Female friends are also very susceptible to AIDS in their lives. AIDS is spread through body fluids. Female friends should pay attention to their personal hygiene in life. They must be clean and self-sufficient.
02 2 Female friends should pay attention after suffering from AIDS. During the illness, eat more foods rich in vitamins and nutrients to ensure their own resistance. They must be in life, be careful not to smoke or drink, and may cause other inflammation.
03 3 Female friends have AIDS in their lives. During this period, they must take care of their personal hygiene. They should always change their clothes during their daily life, and they must be separated from family and friends during this period.
04 Women with AIDS, they still have to give more confidence in their lives. When they find that they are actively involved in the treatment of this disease, they will give more encouragement and support.