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What if the feet are too stinky?

01 1 First of all, it is necessary to change shoes and socks frequently, wash your feet frequently. After the shoes are exchanged, you can get more sun and sun. If you don't wear them, you can put some camphor balls in the shoes, you can disinfect and odor. It is best to keep the shoes dry.
02 2 Eat less acidic things like chicken, duck, fish, etc. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Now the children are basically fish and meat all day. Even many children don't eat green vegetables very much. This is not only bad for health but also affects.
03 3 People with foot odor are generally more developed. You can use light salt water or tea water to soak your feet. This is also a very good method. After a long time, the foot odor will be alleviated.
04 Foot odor is not only uncomfortable to ask yourself, but also family and friends feel uncomfortable, so it is still very important. The method is also very simple. Come on and say goodbye to the dirty atmosphere.