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How can I get blisters?

01 1 First, if we have blisters, try not to use hot water to touch the blisters, because when the hot water touches the blisters, the blisters will be broken. This time, the bacteria will be able to take advantage of the bacteria, so it will aggravate us.
02 2 Second, if we are blisters in our feet or hands, we must pay attention to the hygiene of the hands and feet in daily life. We should wash our hands and wash our feet every day, so that we will not give the chance to enter the bacteria and reduce the chance of blisters infection.
03 3 Third, if we find that we have blisters, we must not use other things to break the blisters, because once the broken protective film is broken, it can't stop the foreign matter from entering the wound.
04 In life, we must learn how to care for the special circumstances that arise. The care of blisters is to take care not to let outside bacteria enter the blisters. Note this.