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How to diagnose and treat vitiligo

01 1 Patients with vitiligo have no gender limitations, and there are no special age groups. However, teenagers are more frequent, mainly with pigmentation spots, mostly milky white or pale pink. The surface is very smooth and will not have spots like shavings.
02 2 Vitiligo does not have too much self-feeling. Very few people will feel a little itchy skin when they are sick. It is important to note that vitiligo is often accompanied by other complications such as diabetes, alopecia areata and other symptoms, so when the skin feels
03 3 For the treatment of vitiligo, medication can be used, such as supplementing a large amount of vitamins, vitamin B, C should be taken for a long time, in addition to the oral placenta to improve the body's immunity, but also can be treated with ultraviolet radiation combined with oral methoxy
04 4 In addition to drug treatment, if the patient's skin does not continue to develop lesions, you can use your own skin for transplant surgery. If the area of ​​skin damage is relatively large, you can use hydroquinone monoanisole cream, pay attention to the content
05 For patients with vitiligo, because there are various white spots on the skin, they can't be treated with different eyes. The patients themselves must maintain a good mood. Usually, the diet should be regular and not partial. It is necessary to breathe fresh air.