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How to prevent genital warts

01 1 60% of patients with condyloma acuminata are infected through sexual contact. One of the family members is infected with the society, and the spouse is transmitted through sexual intercourse. It is also possible to pass on to other people in the family through close contact with life.
02 2 Do not use other people's underwear, swimwear and bath tub; do not wash the pond in the public bath, advocate shower, do not sit directly in the bath seat after bathing; use the squat toilet in public toilets; wash hands with soap before going to the toilet
03 3 If the spouse has only physical therapy, although the genital genital warts disappeared, the patient still carries the human papillomavirus, and should also receive comprehensive treatment of oral and external washing drugs, and review after treatment.
04 The standard of judging genital warts is the disappearance of the corpus callosum. Generally, there is no regenerative sputum in the treatment site within 3 months after treatment. It is a basic cure. All phlegm and blood stasis patients should be tested for vinegar white before treatment to identify the lesion.