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What is the relationship between pruritus and skin?

01 1 The pressure of life is very high nowadays. Many people's spirits are in a highly tense situation. If you encounter unexpected things, you can't bear it. Some people will have pruritus, which is a kind of toxins in the body.
02 2 Some diseases can also cause pruritus, such as diabetes. These diseases have many complications, and some have pruritus. This requires two diseases to be treated together, try to make yourself happy, so itching.
03 3 Sometimes the environment is too humid, or the seasons alternate, even mosquito bites can cause pruritus, so you should pay attention to protect yourself in life, try to stay away from some things that are allergic to people. To bathe, clothes should be disinfected regularly.
04 If it is a child with pruritus, you can use some plant antipruritic drugs, hormones should be used less.