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What are the precautions for patients with foreskin balanitis?

01 1 First of all, the diet of the patient during treatment is very important, because it plays a supporting role in the treatment, so patients with foreskin balanitis should pay attention to keep the diet light, avoid alcohol and spicy food, so as not to cause the disease to be more serious.
02 2 The patient's hygiene is also very important, because some dirt is easy to produce some bacteria, which leads to aggravation of the disease. Patients with foreskin balanitis should keep the foreskin and glans clean, and it is necessary to clean the smegma in time to avoid excessively long foreskin.
03 3 When patients are treated, they must stop sex, which will not only bring some trouble to their treatment, but also may spread to their sexual partners. The couple will suffer from sexual illness and suspend sex life, timely treatment, such as illness
04 If the patient's foreskin balanitis is severe, leading to ulcers or erosions, should avoid irritation.