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How to judge whether there is a disease from semen

01 1 It is unquestionable that it is a man. In adolescence, there must have been a plane, discharging semen, but I don’t know how the quality of semen is good or bad. Generally speaking, semen is milky white, only this is
02 2 If you say that the semen contains red things, it is likely to be bloodshot, which means that your body is very bad, there is a high probability that the kidneys are depleted, and you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible.
03 3 Semen, of course, refers to healthy semen, which is very embarrassing. If your semen is a smelly rotten egg, there is a serious problem. You need to go to the hospital for treatment. Good semen smells great.
04 Is semen smelling, not only is it a healthy test, but it also affects whether it is pregnant?