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Is it itching? Is it AIDS?

01 1 Itchy body, this kind of symptom can not be completely judged as AIDS, but it may also be a symptom of AIDS, so in life you must go to the hospital as soon as possible to do a good check, if it is found to be AIDS
02 2 AIDS patients must have more confidence in their lives, although it is very unfortunate to suffer from this disease, but in life, patients only have a good life law, have a patience, and treat this disease
03 3 AIDS patients have very poor immunity in their lives. During this period, you should pay attention to a good rest. You must not be overworked, nor can you do physical work in the pit. Usually, patients still have to keep their own lives.
04 Patients with AIDS need to pay attention to the diet. During this period of illness, patients should not smoke or drink alcohol. Alcohol and tobacco may have more negative effects on AIDS. Patients should keep their diet light in their lives.