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Treatment of skin type allergic purpura without taking medicine

01 1 If you don't take medicine, you can't find it. You must take medicine to treat it. You can ask the doctor to take some medicine for treatment or to take some Chinese medicine for conditioning. Usually pay attention to rest and not excessively tired.
02 2 Or go to Chinese medicine to open some Chinese medicine for conditioning treatment, do not take drugs on time, I am going to the regular hospital for treatment, because the medical conditions there are better for themselves. Patients should not have
03 3 diet should pay attention to light, do not eat spicy food can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits or eat some better digestion of food. Usually add more physical exercise to improve immunity.
04 Patients should maintain a happy mood, because a good mood is also more objective for the recovery of the body. Now go to a regular hospital for treatment, let the doctor prescribe some drugs to be flat. It is a timely withdrawal of the drug label.