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What to pay attention to when treating sable

01 1 first point. For the occurrence of purpura, it is very important because of allergies. Therefore, the most important thing for treating purpura is to detect allergens, food allergies, drug allergies, pollen, insect bites, etc.
02 2nd point. For the occurrence of purpura is a defect of its own body. It causes the occurrence of purpura. So when you treat purpura, you should eat more foods rich in vitamins. Vitamin-rich foods can improve the body's immunity.
03 3 The third point. Patients with purpura should pay attention to the regulation of life, activities can accelerate blood circulation, increase bleeding, so bed rest, less activity. Relief period often participate in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, prevent colds, should actively remove
04 4 The fourth point, allergic purpura is mainly based on warm blood, so patients with allergic purpura should be light in diet, the main food is rice, pasta, cornmeal; eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid eating fat and throat,
05 Allergic purpura is a disease that affects a lot in our lives. Therefore, we must not only cooperate with the doctor's treatment in our life. We must also pay attention to our own warmth in life. Keep away from allergens and develop good habits.