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What are the daily health knowledge of paronychia?

01 1 Patients with paronychia should choose shoes with appropriate size and proper weight when choosing shoes. It should not be cut too short when cutting nails, otherwise there will be wounds, which will lead to the occurrence of paronychia.
02 2 patients should develop good hygiene habits, it is not easy to remove barbed, when the finger has a wound, it should be disinfected in time to avoid the feeling of wounds, causing paronychia.
03 3 Wash your hands frequently. After washing your hands, wipe the hand cream to enhance the skin resistance of the skin around the nail. You can also use hot water to soak your hands, but the water temperature should not exceed 60 degrees.
04 The most important thing to prevent paronychia is to do a good job of hygiene. When you find a disease, you should treat it in time to prevent the disease from getting worse.