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Precautions for urinary stones

01 1 First of all, activities should be carried out, and more walks and diligent activities are conducive to the discharge of stones. Especially in summer, you should drink plenty of water to prevent concentration of urine and control the stones to be more serious. If there are more urination, some smaller stones can be used.
02 2 patients with kidney stones, you can gently beat the kidney area, patients with urethra stones, you can do some jumping movements, can promote the urethra stones down, and patients with bladder stones should urinate after urinating, there are
03 3 patients can take more hot baths, which can effectively relax the nerves and muscles of the whole body, which is beneficial to the blood circulation of the body, and is also conducive to the operation of the excretory system, and also helps the row of stones.
04 With stones, if it is small, don't worry, most will discharge it by yourself. If the stone is big, you can perform surgery in the hospital.