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Can you have sex with acne?

01 1 For the treatment of this disease, the first thing patients should pay attention to is to pay attention to the hygiene of personal items. The usual clothes and quilts must be more sun-baked and cleaned up in time. It is best not to mix your clothes with your family's clothes.
02 2 For some subcutaneous aphids and eggs, it is necessary to make a strict kill, without any signs of possible recurrence, oral liquid and injections can not be cured, the most effective way to do it is to be personal
03 3 Finally, the more prominent feature of the disease is that the sooner the treatment is, the better the effect will be. If you have not paid attention to it and ignore it, then after the later period, the treatment time will be much longer, and the effect will be
04 According to the above suggestions and methods, we should pay more attention to the individual's health, and it is necessary to find early treatment as soon as possible, cure it as soon as possible, and restore health as soon as possible.