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What should I do with gonorrhea epididymitis?

01 1 male gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease, and if gonorrhea is not treated in time, or when there is no good effect in the treatment of gonorrhea, it will cause gonorrhea to slowly develop into epididymitis, and
02 2 If you develop epididymitis, then patients must avoid infertility, especially those who have no children, so it is more important to pay attention to it, not only to treat gonorrhea, but also
03 3 When treating gonorrhea, patients can use amoxicillin-like drugs to help their disease get anti-inflammatory treatment. For epididymitis, it is also necessary to reduce inflammation. For many patients, surgery is necessary.
04 But there is a common precaution in the treatment of these two diseases, so it is necessary to keep your diet long-term light, after eating a little spicy food will trigger inflammation.