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Surgery costs for prepuce

01 1 The current clinical treatment of circumcision is a first-grade operation in urology. This is also a common clinical operation. The commonly used surgical methods are traditional circumcision and laser circumcision. As for circumcision.
02 2 Generally, the price of circumcision in public hospitals above the second level is before Wu Yiyuan reaches 1,500 yuan. The reason why the price is different is because the hospital level is different, and the equipment used in the hospital is different. The price of medical measures is approved.
03 3 But for other specialists, non-public medical institutions, the price difference is worse, cheaper around the Yuanyuan, and expensive can reach about 5,000. It is recommended that patients for the safety and success of surgery,
04 It is recommended that patients should avoid sexual relations during treatment to avoid cross-infection. In addition, patients can also add some outdoor physical exercise, which has a certain effect on the recovery of the disease.