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How to effectively treat the foreskin is too long

01 1 If your situation is not serious, that is, not all of the glans are covered, just flip it with your hand and you can do it without treatment, but pay attention to the cleaning work of the foreskin. It is best to turn over when taking a bath.
02 2 If the minor foreskin is too long, it is recommended to treat it early, and it is better to choose the longer holiday treatment. The method of treatment can be treated directly, which is more effective and less prone to discomfort.
03 3 can also be used laser treatment, whether it is adults or minors can be used, but it is best to choose a regular hospital and physician for treatment, not blindly using treatment and treatment in unsafe conditions.
04 Regardless of the method of treatment, special care is required to maintain personal hygiene and change underwear, and it is not recommended to wear tight underwear.