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How to treat proliferative dermatitis?

01 1 appropriate oral antihistamines, or non-specific anti-allergic such as intravenous calcium gluconate and large doses of vitamin C, sodium thiosulfate, etc. In the acute phase, cold saline can be used, chronic tacrolimus,
02 2 should be banned from drinking alcohol or spicy food when eating. Eat less thick food. Help patients find the cause of the disease, avoid contact again. Local contact dermatitis with warm water, or boric acid, hydrogen peroxide, aluminum acetate solution,
03 3 Filling with vitamin C and calcium: Vitamins can promote blood circulation in the skin. Kelp: Patients with dermatitis have a lot of help with kelp. The kelp has minerals that can repair the cells of the body. It can help the regeneration of cells and can be effective.