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How to treat infant eczema

01 1 Eczema is a common skin disease in infants and young children. It can also be an allergic skin disease. Among them, babies 1 to 3 months old are the most common. The causes of infantile eczema are complicated.
02 2 It is recommended that once the child develops the disease, it must be regularly quantified in the diet. It is best to take breast milk to eat. If the child is eating milk, add more water and sugar, and the milk should be boiled for a while.
03 3 For skin that is not very damaged, it is recommended that parents can apply a certain glucocorticosteroid ointment directly on the skin affected area, such as dermatitis cream, compound dexamethasone cream, etc.
04 It is recommended that infants and young children in the daily diet can increase the intake of calcium and zinc as appropriate, and appropriate sun exposure, which helps the absorption of calcium in the body of the child, which has a certain effect on the growth and development of infants and young children.