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Can eczema be prevented?

01 1 First of all, from the diet, pay attention to eating spicy stimulation, avoid eating sensitized items, such as alcohol, seafood shellfish, eggs, if the child is breastfeeding, adults can not eat these things
02 2 The cause of eczema in infants is relatively high. It is related to the child's own immunity, allergies and other factors. It can be treated with some anti-allergic drugs and external medicine under the guidance of doctors. Pay attention to prevent infection. Usually feeding, clothing, etc.
03 3 If it is not powerful, strengthen skin care is, pay attention to bathing, wash the water temperature is not too high, eczema local fear of sun, warm water bath, wash your face, properly apply the baby to the United States to smudge the beauty cream, go out to pay attention to sunscreen is. General baby