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What to pay attention to during the treatment of genital warts

01 1 First of all, during the treatment period, patients should wash their underwear frequently. Pay attention to personal hygiene. The patient's underwear should be cleaned separately. Also use soap. Disinfect. Do not use washing powder containing phosphorus to avoid infection. Also clean the lower part every day.
02 2 During treatment, patients should eliminate the fear of fear. Many patients with genital warts will have fear, fear, worry, anxiety, fear that the disease can not be cured, and cancer may occur, this negative psychological will
03 3 It is also necessary to prohibit sexual intercourse during treatment. In cases where the carcass is not eliminated and there is no cure, the patient should be prohibited from having sex. This will avoid aggravating the condition and reduce the chance of transmission to a sexual partner. If the condition is cured
04 There are also patients who want to maintain an optimistic mood when they are facing the disease. Pleasant psychology can prevent the disease from worsening. We also need to choose a regular hospital for treatment.