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Is it often AIDS by a woman's oral sex?

01 1 One of the ways of transmission of AIDS is through blood. The general blood transmission is to share a needle with others when donating blood, and to be blown by a woman. If the contact between the two sides is not injured, then HIV will not
02 2 Another way to spread HIV is through sexual transmission. If you have sex with AIDS patients or people living with HIV, HIV can spread, so that normal and healthy people are also infected with HIV. In addition, individuals still do
03 3 The last way to HIV is through breast milk. Pregnant women with AIDS can easily transmit their HIV to the fetus, which has a great impact on the fetus. If AIDS patients breastfeed their baby, the baby will also be infected.
04 In addition to the above three routes of HIV transmission, HIV does not leave the human body and survive independently. Therefore, the survival rate of HIV in the air is extremely low, so AIDS will not pass through water, and the air will still be