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How to treat meniscus injury

01 1 When the knee joint is bent or straightened, it is also prone to meniscus injury when it is rotated. Most of them are mostly medial meniscus. The most common one is the posterior horn of the meniscus, and the longitudinal shape is broken.
02 2 If the meniscus is damaged, the damage is very large. If it is accompanied by joint hemorrhage, it is mostly due to lateral meniscus injury, or because the knee bandage is too tight and the venous return is blocked. Uncoagulated blood can be withdrawn.
03 3 If there is a meniscus injury, the first thing to do is to use antibiotics for systemic treatment, and also to exclude pus. Rinse with antibiotic-containing solution. Late patients should be cut open, rinsed and rinsed with antibiotic solution.