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Is masculine Sanbao Capsule able to treat sexual dysfunction?

01 1 First, the patient must figure out which part of his sexual dysfunction has a problem, and then can be targeted treatment. If it is because of kidney deficiency, lack of blood and leg weakness, some impotence and other impotence
02 2 Sanbao Capsule is an over-the-counter drug, which is different from the important ones. It does not need to be decoction. In general, different doses can be used for different symptoms of the patient. Usually 3 capsules can be taken at once, twice a day.
03 3 Patients with Sanbao Capsule can play an auxiliary treatment if the symptoms are not serious. If the patient has severe sexual dysfunction, he/she must take the medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Generally, it is necessary to take medicine on time.
04 Although sexual dysfunction is a private disease, it is also the most intolerable disease in men. If symptoms appear, it is necessary to carry out related treatments. If necessary, you can also ask a doctor. Sambo capsules must be taken care of during the course of taking.