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What are the common hazards of genital warts?

01 1 Harm yourself: patients infected with genital warts are very painful, and the pain is not only from the body, but also the pressure on the heart, the cost of treatment, and the effect of treatment, which patients also need to consider from time to time.
02 2 Harm the next generation: The most obvious manifestation is the transmission route of pregnant women and condyloma acuminata. The infection of the birth canal is one of them. Therefore, patients with condyloma acuminata may talk about this sexually transmitted disease and transmit it to their children. Of course,
03 3 Harm the family, friends: Condyloma acuminata is extremely contagious, so once a person is infected, other members of his family have a high risk of infection, especially the incubation period of genital warts. During this period of time, patients rarely detect the condition.
04 Condyloma acuminata is extremely harmful, and the characteristics of extremely contagious, so many patients are particularly helpless, the psychological pressure to bear, can be imagined. Finally, we must always have the corresponding prevention work.