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What is the risk of non-leaching urethritis?

01 1 If you have non-leaching urethritis and do not treat it in time, there are several kinds of body. First, there is urinary pain when urinating. It is a bit like needle sticking. The head of the sick person is red and swollen, but the urine will not appear.
02 2 If you have not treated the non-leaching urethritis, it will cause sexual dysfunction. If you don't get timely treatment, you will not only have pain in the urine, but also pain when you get it hard.
03 3 Finally, it will cause male friends to have epididymitis and prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, affecting women's friends with acute and chronic salpingitis and ectopic pregnancy, severely causing miscarriage or stillbirth. Male friend's prostatic fluid is composed of semen.
04 No matter what kind of illness will be caused, the patient should be treated promptly after the illness. When he is treating, he should follow the doctor's advice and take medicine on time. You can't eat spicy things like leeks and peppers. At the same time, you should quit smoking and alcohol.