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Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo

01 1 When treating vitiligo, it can also be treated with traditional Chinese medicine. In Chinese medicine, such diseases are a kind of disease caused by the wind and evil in the body, which is caused by the disease.
02 2 In the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, there are also many choices. It can be used to relieve symptoms by combining traditional Chinese medicines such as bezoar, realgar, medhong, psoralen and white peony. Such drugs can be used as a powder of vitiligo.
03 3 The treatment effect of traditional Chinese medicine for treating vitiligo is also very clear, but it needs to be determined according to the different constitutions of patients and different symptoms of the disease. If the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine has no effect, then it can be treated with western medicine.
04 One important point to note is that you should not be overly stressed when treating vitiligo, and your stress should not be too large. These factors will have a great impact on the disease. It is recommended that it is forbidden.