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What happens if male cauliflower is not treated?

01 1 First: Cauliflower-type condyloma acuminata begins with a slightly tipped papule, some of which are germinated, and grow rapidly after papules occur. After the lesion is enlarged, it often has many small finger-like protrusions, shaped like cauliflower.
02 2nd: What are the symptoms of cauliflower disease? It can be said that it varies from person to person. First of all, you can check it yourself. The skin lesions of patients with condyloma acuminata are small red papules at the beginning, and gradually grow up with cauliflower. The roots can be
03 3 Third: There are many methods and medicines for treating condyloma acuminata, and there are many remedies. However, there are not many drugs that can completely cure radical condyloma. The prescription of condyloma acuminata is based on the patient's constitution and size of the carcass.