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Is exercise good for neurodermatitis?

01 1 exercise can help improve and regulate a patient's nervous state, which is theoretically able to help patients reduce stress, so we usually think that exercise has a certain effect on improving neurodermatitis in patients.
02 2 However, to remind many patients that neurodermatitis is essentially a chronic skin disease, so after suffering from the symptoms of neurodermatitis, you must remember to take a shower immediately after exercise.
03 3 In addition, although it is okay to have proper exercise when suffering from neurodermatitis, the patient must pay attention to the amount of exercise that must be paid attention to during exercise. Excessive exercise can lead to physical exertion of the patient.
04 Remind patients with neurodermatitis. If the long-term stress is too high, they can't adjust well. Such patients are better able to go to the hospital for treatment in a timely manner, especially a psychological counseling.