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Relieve premature ejaculation

01 1 Husband and wife should understand each other and cooperate with each other. When you have sex, you can try different environments and try different postures.
02 2 Pay attention to the regularity of life. Strengthen physical exercise, actively adjust self-practical health and spiritual regulation. The quality of sexual life will naturally be high, and premature ejaculation will naturally be cured.
03 3 Do not indulge in life, let alone excessive masturbation; do not indulge in pornography, obsessed with pornography; appropriate tonic, eat more aphrodisiac foods, such as leek, beef, lamb, dog meat, bullwhip, sheep whip
04 4 can be alternately bathed by hot and cold water: use a cold water bath for 15 minutes every night before going to bed, then take a bath for 15 minutes in warm water, once a day, can improve the ability of the posterior urethra to control ejaculation.
05 Premature ejaculation treatment, must be done to the classification of the diagnosis, identification of treatment. For psychological premature ejaculation, the patient's self-psychological adjustment is the most effective treatment. But for the current partial organic premature ejaculation, it is necessary to carry out medicine