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Psoriasis patients should pay attention to the daily diet

01 1 Eat less irritating foods, vegetables: like ginger, medlar, kohlrabi, citron, pepper, these are some irritating foods, so it is not suitable for the diet of patients with psoriasis, we must pay attention to
02 2 Meat: Although meat is high in nutrition, it is different for patients with skin diseases. How should summer psoriasis pay attention to daily diet? Birds, birds, beasts, or livestock are not available during treatment.
03 3 Many patients with psoriasis should also eat less, seasonings: aniseed, pepper, pepper, cumin, fennel, cinnamon, mustard, mustard oil, chili sauce, hot pot seasoning, instant noodles, etc. are all very harmful to patients with psoriasis
04 The above is the main content of summer psoriasis should pay attention to the daily diet, I believe you have a certain understanding of the daily diet of psoriasis, and finally I wish you a happy mood.