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What kind of bath can cure sweat spots?

01 1 First: sweat plaque is a superficial fungal disease caused by Malassezia infection of the epidermis stratum corneum. It needs to be treated with antifungal drugs, and the bath can not be cured.
02 2 Second: topical drugs can be given to 2% ketoconazole lotion for external use, 7 to 10 days of continuous use; 2% disulfide lotion for external use, 7 to 19 days. Patients with smaller areas, or for various reasons
03 3 Finally: For patients with large or recurrent episodes, oral administration of itraconazole, ketoconazole, fluconazole and other azole drugs may be given. Note that oral griseofulvin and terbinafine on tinea versicolor