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How can I get a vitiligo?

01 1 Patients with vitiligo must first actively go to a regular hospital for professional treatment. There are many methods for treating vitiligo. There are medical treatment, surgical treatment, decolorization therapy, acupuncture and physical therapy, and Chinese medicine treatment. Patients should be based on their own
02 2 Patients should not take normal preventive measures while receiving treatment. In addition to nutrition and health, the diet should also ensure the diversification of food, eat more beans and their products, fungus, eggplant, peanuts, milk, and inside.
03 3 Patients should also pay attention to wearing, wear some loose, comfortable and soft cotton clothes, do not wear tight clothes such as chemical fiber and nylon, avoid mechanical friction, cause damage to the skin, and do not stay in the wet for a long time.
04 Many patients have a great psychological burden in life and work. Therefore, emotions are prone to anxiety, nervousness, depression, etc., which is not conducive to the treatment of diseases. It is necessary to put aside the ideological concerns and actively face life.