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Will balanitis be transmitted to the wife?

01 1 There is a lot of harm to balanitis. Because it is on our reproductive organs, balanitis will not be transmitted to the wife. It is certain. If the patient is in love, it is easy to transmit inflammation to his wife.
02 2 Balanitis will not be transmitted to the wife, we know it will, we will look at the harm of balanitis, and cause other urinary infections caused by this disease: prostatitis, orchitis, seminal vesiculitis, serious
03 3 presents a contagious and triggering of more reproductive infections. There are still many hazards of balanitis. Some common sexually useful diseases, such as impotence and premature ejaculation, are caused by the untimely treatment of balanitis.
04 After sharing the above, I think everyone will have a preliminary understanding of whether balanitis will be transmitted to the wife. Xiaobian reminds everyone: the harm of balanitis is so much, everyone should pay attention to the time of treatment, not free.