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Precautions for foreskin balanitis

01 1 patients with balanitis must pay attention to maintaining a good hygiene habit in their daily life. In the life, they should always clean the foreskin and penis head. In normal life, patients must have a good attitude and put themselves in good health.
02 2 male foreskin balanitis is a disease in which patients cannot have unclean sexual behavior during this period of illness. In normal life, keep your vulva clean and avoid other secondary infections. Patients should pay attention to this.
03 3 Male patients in life, during the treatment period should pay attention to a good rest, during this period can not often do those relatively heavy physical activity, life is still to let yourself more relaxed, not excessive fatigue, usually
04 Male patients should give more encouragement to their daily life. When they find that they have a balanitis, they must be more balanced in their daily lives. Eat less spicy and greasy.