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What should I do when I am always erect?

01 1 doctor said that my situation should be in adolescence, for sexual or very impulsive age, usually more likely to be stimulated, so do not be nervous.
02 2 The doctor suggested that I go to psychological counseling. I have to say that after the counseling is over, it is really much better. Because I have never dared to face my little brother before, I feel very embarrassed. The doctor showed me the idea of ​​correcting me.
03 3 After listening to the doctor's enlightenment, I have a lot of moods. After I went home, I sorted out a lot of books that I shouldn't have read. Oh, it's better to wait until I grow up and read these books. It's easy to make improper pictures.
04 4 The erectile abnormality caused by the ideological factors is good treatment, but the doctor also said that if it is not psychologically caused by the disease, it is necessary to take an injection and take medicine. I am glad that my situation is because I don’t understand the symptoms of adolescence and I can’t see it.