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What kind of medicine is good for children with long flat face?

01 1 First, we learned that flat warts are a highly contagious viral disease, so if it is not treated in time, it will soon grow over our body. If the child has a flat wart, we should choose
02 2 Secondly, if the child has a flat wart, we must prescribe the right medicine according to our own condition. Do not use drugs indiscriminately, so as not to aggravate our condition. At the same time, be careful not to let the child scratch the itchy area.
03 3 Finally, we know that flat warts are caused by poor resistance and viral infections in our bodies, so in life we ​​must let our children exercise more, pay attention to proper rest, and eat more nutritious food.
04 If we are treating children with flat warts, we can use physical therapy methods such as microwave, liquid nitrogen freezing, etc. in the treatment of children's flat warts. At the same time, let the children take light foods in life, try not to eat some