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How to treat alopecia areata?

01 1 After getting alopecia areata, you can use ginger to treat the phenomenon of alopecia areata. Take a small piece of ginger. After cutting the ginger into pieces, use the surface of the ginger to wipe back and forth directly on the alopecia areata. It will last for about one month.
02 2 You can also cut the ginger into pieces, remove the ginger juice, and apply the ginger juice to the alopecia areata. You can treat the alopecia areata every morning and evening.
03 3 You can also use a small wooden comb to beat the scalp with the front end of the wooden comb, which can stimulate the cells of the scalp, and comb the hair from the top of the head to the back of the head every day to increase blood circulation and treat alopecia areata.