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How to care for psoriasis?

01 1Psoriasis patients need urgent drinking, banned drinking tea, coffee, fasting too hot and spicy food.
02 2 It is necessary to keep the skin clean before wiping. It is recommended to scrape the scales before each rubbing. It is best to shower first, or hot water or soap.
03 3 During the rubbing, you need to pay attention to the changes of skin lesions. If you find that the lesions are enlarged, you should stop rubbing the medicine and report to the doctor.
04 4Psoriasis patients should not eat very hot food cattle, skin temperature of patients with skin temperature should not be hot, because hot food is easy to damage the mouth, esophagus and stomach, the digestive tract is prolonged by hot and hot, prone to stomach cancer, esophageal cancer.
05 5 got psoriasis, do not eat too full, seven or eight points full of urgency, long-term greed and more, not only increase the burden of digestion and absorption of the stomach, but also induce or aggravate cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, sudden death.
06 Psoriasis patients need to maintain good living habits, and to face the disease with an optimistic attitude to avoid damp.