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Three treatments for premature ejaculation.

01 1 60 grams of Epimedium, 500 ml of shochu, 1.5 grams of velvet antler, salt with some dip, 7 to 15 days later, once a night, drink two times each time, about 20 ml per ton. Stick to 20 days to be effective
02 2 Longan glutinous rice: 200 grams of longan meat, placed in a thin mouth bottle, poured into a 60-degree white wine 400 ml, closed the bottle mouth, drink after half a month. Twice a day, each time 10 ~ 20 ml. For one month
03 3 Chrysanthemum 醪: 10 grams of chamomile flowers are chopped, mixed with glutinous rice wine in a small pot, mix well, boil, eat twice, twice a day, treat the fire caused by premature ejaculation. Phase fire spurs premature ejaculation is more stubborn, performance