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What is the treatment of premature ejaculation?

01 1 First: Both men and women should correctly learn the relevant knowledge, understand the physiological differences between men and women, eliminate misunderstandings, and properly grasp the necessary skills in sexual life. Avoid indulgence of passions, excessive habits of excessive feelings
02 2nd: Accidental premature ejaculation, the woman should comfort, understand, care for the man, gentle and considerate to help the man overcome fear, nervousness, guilty psychology, avoid blaming, blaming the man. Actively treat various organic diseases that may cause premature ejaculation,
03 3 Third: Sexual behavior therapy. That is, sexy concentration training, it should be clear that sexual life disharmony is the joint participation of both husband and wife to help understand the patient and reduce the patient's psychological stress, so as to achieve higher curative effect. Intermittent sexual intercourse