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The reason why 19-year-old girl dyed AIDS

01 1 The disease is mainly transmitted through sexual contact, especially homosexuality and intravenous drug use, followed by therapeutic output. General AIDS is mainly transmitted through sexual contact. Many homosexuals are more likely to be infected with AIDS because of homosexual patients.
02 2 Because the semen and female secretions of AIDS patients contain a lot of HIV. Therefore, if you are in sexual intercourse, it is easy to transmit the virus to the other party. Therefore, it is generally recommended that you should have good contraception during normal sex.
03 3 Another blood transmission and mother-to-child infection is also a common form of infection. If you use some unsterilized syringes, it will be very easy to get AIDS. If the mother is AIDS, then the fetus is also very susceptible to HIV.
04 People's traditional thinking has not been completely broken. AIDS patients may suffer from the strange vision of others. Patients should adjust their treatment mentality and not let negative emotions affect the effect of disease treatment. In order to maintain a healthy and happy life, we must take