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How to treat the symptoms of impotence

01 1 The main symptom of impotence is that the penis can not be erect when there is sexual desire, or the erection can not be hard, resulting in the inability to engage in sexual intercourse and the difficulty of sexual intercourse. It can be divided into complete impotence and incomplete impotence.
02 2 Some patients are emotionally connected with sexual objects, causing anxiety and irritability, impotence, and unsatisfaction with normal sexual life. Some patients have impotence occasionally, usually not morbid, mainly because of temporary seriousness or
03 3 In addition, some patients have frequent impotence, but the time of sexual intercourse in the morning or the time of masturbation can make the penis erect and can be maintained for a period of time. This performance is usually caused by psychological factors, so we need to pay attention to it.
04 In addition, some patients have persistent impotence, and their performance is increasing and progressing rapidly. It is usually caused by organic lesions. The harm to patients is very great. We need to pay attention to timely treatment.