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What is the main cause of cutaneous pruritus in the elderly?

01 1 The general elderly have pruritus because it is old, the skin has less water and lacks moisture, so it will cause itching when affected by the surrounding environment. Because of climate change, the weather is hot or cold.
02 2 The elderly should do less bathing, moisturize the skin, increase or decrease the clothes according to the weather, clothes to buy cotton, comfortable, can reduce the stimulation of the skin, so you can reduce the degree of itching. Do not take a bath
03 3 If you eat some spicy and irritating food, it may cause systemic or local itching. Pay attention to the food, eat light, eat less spicy and irritating food, quit smoking and alcohol, ring
04 Usually have a regular life, develop a good habit, go to bed early and get up early, and ensure that you sleep for eight hours every day, but also exercise properly, increase or decrease clothing according to changes in the weather, and avoid the body being stimulated by cold or heat.