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What Men Can't Do After Sex

After sex, both men and women are physically exhausted after high excitement. At this time, men and women, the main thing to do is to have a good rest, let the tired body have a buffer opportunity, and some things can not be done. What can't be done? Listen to me, please.
No smoking. In real life, it is a mistake for a large number of men to place a cigarette slowly by bed during sex. After sex, it consumes a lot of men's physical strength, and their bodies are in a weak state. If they smoke immediately, harmful substances in smoke will strengthen the intrusion into men's bodies.
You can't take a cold bath right away. This is also the pain of many men afterwards. Sex is hot and sweaty, thinking that a cold shower will be more comfortable and refreshing. Wrong idea. After sex, men are too weak to flush cold water. Be careful to cause rheumatism and even colds.
You can't have a second roommate in an hour. Most of this happens between passionate men and women, the time relationship, the opportunity relationship of meeting, forcing them to enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of sexual intercourse many times in a short period of time. It's also a mistake for men to ignore health. Men do not know that sex is happy, but the frequency of sex will make the body worse and worse.
Matters needing attention:
Give sex a perfect space, women happy, men happy. Women are healthy and men are healthy.